Tik Tok (known before as Musical.ly)

Tik Tok (known before as Musical.ly) for iPhone

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  • Version: 15.7.1

Free app for music video lovers

Tik Tok (known before as Musically) is a special app that is designed to help connect users through music videos. The app helps users to create their own music videos and share them with a constantly growing community in order to receive recognition. 

Connecting with the community

One of the cool things about Tik Tok, formerly known as Musically, is that there is a large number of people already using the app who will potentially be able to see any music videos that are released. In terms of actually creating the videos, users are provided with a good selection of video creation and editing tools to take their pick from and although some of these tools can take time to learn, the fact that the app is available for free makes it worth a little effort.

Could you be the next video online star?

Anyone who fancies themselves as a music video star and is looking for a way to connect with people and hopefully establish a fan base should make sure that they take a look at Tik Tok, if they didn't try Musically in the past. However, users should note that there is no real privacy setting as such and any videos that they share as well as other types of content will be available for anyone and everyone to see.


  • Free to download and use
  • Packed with useful tools


  • No privacy setting
  • Can lag between creating the video and being able to upload

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Tik Tok (known before as Musical.ly)


Tik Tok (known before as Musical.ly) 15.7.1 for iPhone

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