TikTok adds features for adult-only broadcasting

Shaun M Jooste


TikTok has been striving to make its platform a healthier place for young members. To this end, it’s letting you indicate that your broadcast is for adults only. Teenagers under 18 years old won’t see the feed appear on the FYP or Live page. It will protect them from seeing behavior or activities inappropriate for their age.


The TikTok news appeared on the official blog, highlighting how the feature will work. Basically, there will be an option to show that your live is only suitable for adults. Once set, teenagers under 18 won’t be able to see your broadcast. That means you can engage with other adults without having to watch your language.

TikTok adds features for adult-only broadcasting

The platform is also raising the age limit for going live and monetizing from 16 to 18. Being a member of TikTok for more than a year to talk about my novels, I’ve seen way too many young children pretending to be of age. It will be interesting to see how the company plans to verify ages when teenagers create accounts.

TikTok adds features for adult-only broadcasting

The safety reminders for content creators are also getting an upgrade. You’ll be able to set keywords for your TikTok live, with the platform removing any comments with them. In this way, you can focus on presenting to your audience without worrying about nasty messages.


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The Multi-guest limit has increased to five, so you can have more people with you on your live if you wish. However, this wasn’t as exciting as when TikTok launched a dislike button for when you don’t like a comment, which many users have been testing lately. I’m wondering how so many guests on a live will be to manage when you also have comments to check and respond to. 

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