TikTok launches a dislike button that you’ve never seen before

Leri Koen


The popular short-form video sharing platform, TikTok, is releasing an interesting new feature. While the social media platform developers mentioned the feature earlier this year, it is now being released to the public. The new dislike button will soon appear on everyone’s TikTok, but how will it work?


TikTok first mentioned the possibility of a dislike feature in April of this year. However, they still wanted to foster a platform based on kindness, so they decided how to include a dislike button without creating ill feelings between the community and content creators was a challenge.

TikTok launches a dislike button that you’ve never seen before

Last week, TikTok Comms posted a Tweet in which they announced that the new dislike button was rolling out globally after a period of testing. This feature’s goal isn’t to demotivate content creators but rather to help the platform identify inappropriate or irrelevant comments to improve the comments sections.

While a dislike feature isn’t a brand new innovation and has been available on many social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, TikTok’s version works differently. When a user dislikes a comment, only that user and the platform will see it. The creator of the post and other commenters will not see the dislikes.

TikTok launches a dislike button 1

There also won’t be a dislike counter to demotivate content creators. By doing this, TikTok enables its platform and algorithms to filter comments more effectively without creating a toxic or harmful experience for creators and users.

This feature is rolling out globally and should be available on your TikTok account soon. We are impressed that TikTok was able to add a dislike feature to improve the comments section without creating a negative environment. This is just another improvement, like the recent addition of text-to-image AI technology in TikTok, that shows why it’s one of the fastest growing platforms.

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