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How to Make TikTok Videos in 3 Fast Steps

Shaun M Jooste


TikTok has become a household name for making fun, hilarious, and exciting content on your Android or iPhone device. You may have seen a few videos appear on your Facebook or Instagram timeline of your friends rocking to some music or lip-syncing to a weird conversation. If you’d like to join the entertainment bus, we’ll show you how to make TikTok videos in just a few easy steps.

How to Make TikTok Videos

Before you can begin your video journey in TikTok’s creator portal, you need to have an account. Your profile shows the community who you are, and you can also add friends and family to follow you. When you’re ready, you can create your first video.

Step 1: Give access to your camera

TikTok needs access to your camera before you can start recording. It’ll probably only ask you this the first time you try to create a video. After that, you’ll have to head to your phone’s settings to manage permissions for your apps.

How to Make TikTok Videos in 3 Fast Steps

Step 2: Configure the settings

By pressing the “+” button, you’re telling TikTok that you’re ready to make a video. You’ll need to fiddle with some settings first, such as timer, beauty effects,  speed, filters, and effects. Ensure you pay special attention to these, and don’t be afraid to mess up on the first few tries.

How to Make TikTok Videos in 3 Fast Steps

Step 3: Record your video

Now, you need to long-press the red button to begin recording. Remember to make it fun so your fans can have a jolly good time. You’ll be able to edit it when it’s done, such as adding more filters and giving it a cool soundtrack. Feel free to add some bunny ears or cat whiskers, if that’s your thing.

How to Make TikTok Videos in 3 Fast Steps

Became a TikTok star!

It’s time to join the mobile phone revolution and become a TikTok legend! Creating a view is as easy as pie, if pie-making was easy. It works even better if you see what the trending videos are for the day, and you create your own version.

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