TikTok update to offer users a much cleaner interface

Patrick Devaney


Recently we’ve covered how two of the major social networks have made moves to incorporate elements of TikTok’s user interface into their own. Instagram announced it wanted to offer a more immersive experience while Twitter’s new Explore tab looks exactly like the TikTok feed. Well, it looks like TikTok has not been taking all that lying down as we are now getting details of a TikTok update that will make it even more immersive.

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TikTok users have been taking to Twitter to announce that they have been seeing a new “Clear mode” option on their TikTok apps. If you don’t have the option available on your phone, don’t worry as it looks like this feature is currently at the testing stage and so, accordingly, is only available to a small number of users at the moment.

TikTok update to offer users a much cleaner interface

As you might expect from something called Clear mode, selecting it will clear out all of the information that you don’t need to see when you are watching a TikTok. This means when Clear mode is activated you will no longer see usernames, captions, audio information, etc. Yep, Instagram will now have to go back to the drawing board as TikTok once again offers a more experience than the Meta photo app.

To activate Clear mode, users have to press and hold the screen to bring up the settings menu, which is where the option is found. Once active the screen will be clearer but, for now at least, the setting will only remain active for the current video. As soon as the user scrolls to the next video they will have to activate it again. This, however, sounds like something that will get ironed out during the testing phase.

There is no news yet on if or when this feature will roll out to all TikTok users, but the company did confirm to TechCrunch that it is working on the feature. With TikTok being the most downloaded app in the world so far this year, if this change does come into effect, it will make a difference to over 3.5 billion users around the world. That’s why we’ll keep you updated on all the latest TikTok news such as the addition of the new Friends tab to TikTok.

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